Kings Cross Sunday Market is located at one end of the Golden Mile, made yet more famous by the success of the recent TV series, Underbelly. The streets are pretty safe now compared to days of yore and the market is overseen by the delightful Kings Cross Police station with their friendly and helpful coppers. So fear not on your visit to the Kings Cross Sunday Market.

But all the same we couldn’t resist including this delightful gallery of Rogues from the past:

Eugenia Falleni, alias Harry Crawford Frederick Edward Davies stealing in picture shows and theatres Dets Surridge Clark and Breen Central 14-7-21  photograph Davies in front of the police station’s toilet stalls Joseph Messenger Kong Lee makes numerous appearances in the NSW Police Gazette as a ‘safe blower’ and ‘thief’, and is noted in the issue of February 1929 as having recently been seen riding trains ‘in the company of card sharpers and spielers’ Murray Pretty Sid, notes for gold or e hotseat con Sidney Kelly, Illicit drug trader. Drives his own motor car, and dresses well. Associates with criminals and prostitutes.” William Stanley Moore, faked Opium Dealer