Scented Candles with a difference.

Kitsch Kandles at Kings Cross Sunday MarketSitting on her bench in front of her array of scented candles in their unique vintage containers; ranging from old silver tea pots, Murano glass vases and antique ormamemets at the Sunday Market these past six years, Helen’s candles have become indespensible to  creating romance and beauty in the bathrooms, dining rooms and flats of Sydney.
Since electricity first lit up our lives candles have been making the our rooms more atmosphearic and in the case of Helen’s candles more fragant. Of course every department store and gift shop in Sydney peddles candles but Helen’s candles are special because she uses hydrogenised soy bean wax (not genetically modified) which burns cleanly at a lower melting temperature than petroleum based wax. Because of the lower melting temperature soy candles release more fragrence and are far safer should their be an accidental spill.

But what makes her candles truly unique and special are  the unusual and sometimes one off vintage collectables in which they are moulded and sold. She hunts down unique vintage items which can be used but she is more than happy to use a container you have already. So if you have an old tea pot or vase you no longer use you can press it as a candle holder. Once the candle has burned down bring it back to the market and Helen will refill it with a scent of your choice. She offers a fabulous arrau of fragrances from the floral to the woody. I always stop by even if I am not refilling my candle just for the olfactory journey through the spice islandds. My currrent favourite is Black Tea & Lychee but I do tend to change my candle fragrence according to seasons and fashions.  A change of candle compleley reinvents a room.

I thought Helen was my own little secret but every week I bump into yet another friend on a Helen pilgrimage across town or state to have their porcialain shoe or copper pot candle rebirthed. If you are not worshipping at the candle alter of Helen you really should.


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